Vedic Flavors Clove / Kerala Laung / Grampu
Vedic Flavors Clove / Kerala Laung / Grampu
Vedic Flavors Clove Laung
Vedic Flavors Clove Laung
Vedic Flavors Clove Laung
Vedic Flavors Clove Laung
Vedic Flavors Clove Laung
Vedic Flavors Clove Laung
Vedic Flavors Clove Laung

Vedic Flavors Cloves

Rs.240.00 - Rs.480.00

Vedic Flavors cloves are from the high ranges of Idukki in Kerala.  

The ripe laung is plucked and sun dried, cleaned and sorted before transported to our warehouse.  In our warehouse, we hand pack the laung, this ensures that Vedic Flavors cloves are pure, fresh and without chemicals.  

Since ages, we Indians, use cloves for managing dental issues, to manage sore throat and for improving our immunity.  Clove and honey is a popular combination to cure cough across India.  

Try using Vedic Flavors Cloves.  

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CLOVES FROM KERALA:  Cloves are the flower buds of the Clove tree and are known as laung, lavang across North India and lavangam or grampu across South India.  Cloves are a pungent warm spice with intense flavour and aroma.  We source our whole cloves from trusted farmers in Idukki high ranges of Kerala.  Cloves are used in many international cuisines and definitely used across most Indian states.  Laungs can be used in many forms, it can be used as a whole clove, clove powder or clove oil.

LAUNGS ARE HEALTHY:  Across Indian households, clove is considered good for dental health.  But there are other combinations of clove that works wonders for our health.  Clove and honey is good to cure cough, clove and cinnamon tea is good for immunity, people use clove for sore throat, clove for skin and clove for acidity is well known.

MAKE FRESH CLOVE POWDER:  Make fresh clove powder, as it is more aromatic and flavourful than the grounded powder.  Roast the whole cloves for some time and then crush this roasted laung in the blender.  As whole cloves are hard, it is difficult to crush them raw.  Lavang powder can be used to flavour soups and dishes. 

CLOVE OILS FOR TOOTHACHE:  We are all aware that clove oils soothes the pain, when toothaches are severe.  Clove oil contains natural anaesthetic called Eugenol, which numbs the tooth pain and also reduce swelling.  By crushing and putting whole cloves in olive oil bottles for few months will help you have home-made clove oil.  

TOP QUALITY PACKAGING:  The cloves are first packed in silver foil packs and then placed into aluminium foil lined eco-friendly Kraft paper pouches with double zip lock.  These pouches helps keep the laung fresh, till the lavang is moved into a spice container and stored in cool, dry place for a longer shelf life. 


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