Vedic Flavors Black Pepper
Vedic Flavors Black Pepper
Vedic Flavors Black Pepper
Vedic Flavors Black Pepper
Vedic Flavors Black Pepper
Vedic Flavors Black Pepper
Vedic Flavors Black Pepper
Vedic Flavors Black Pepper

Vedic Flavors Black Pepper

Rs.190.00 - Rs.380.00

We source the finest Kerala black pepper from the farmers in the beautiful mountain ranges of Wayanad.

This Kerala black pepper is also known as 'Tellichery Pepper'.   This Kerala black pepper corns are fresh, big and more flavourful. Vedic Flavors Kerala black pepper is cleaned, sorted and then packed. This means that you wont find mud, dust, stones, animal excreta or other impurities in it. 

You can use this spicy Kerala black pepper to conjure exotic dishes, or even use it to boost your immunity, making the traditional turmeric and black pepper drink.  

Try it, you will enjoy it!

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KERALA BLACK PEPPER :  The scientific name for black pepper is Piper Nigrum.  Wars have been fought globally for this black gold from Kerala or black pepper.  We source these peppercorns from trusted farmers in Wayanad, Kerala.  This black pepper is also called Tellichery Bold Peppercorns and has a great demand internationally


BIG SIZE KALI MIRCH:  This Kali Mirch is big sized than the normal ones we find on our supermarket shelves.  This gol mirch is very aromatic and flavourful.  You just need very little of these black peppercorns for crushing and use in your recipes and salads. Once you get used to this aroma, you will always buy this big, aromatic and spicy whole black pepper. 



FRESH BLACK PEPPER: Black pepper is called Kurumulaku in Malayalam and we source our kurumulaku This kali mirch is picked when they are red peppercorn, then sun dried naturally and cleaned to remove plant debris and other impurities.  This black pepper is  then sorted or graded as per the size of the peppercorns.  We hand pack this kalimiri in our warehouse in Kochi, to ensure that there is no chemicals, preservatives or additives.


USE OF BLACK PEPPER:  As black pepper is one of the most popular spices, use of black pepper is added to all kinds of dishes. It is always better to use whole peppercorns to make crushed black pepper.   Kali mirch has been part of many Ayurvedic medicines and home remedies for ages.  The most popular among them are turmeric and black pepper for boosting immunity and black pepper for cough.  Kurumulaku aids in digestion and so black pepper for weight loss is also very popular. 


TOP QUALITY PACKAGING:  The black mirch is packed in silver foil packs and placed into aluminium foil lined eco-friendly Kraft paper pouches with double zip lock.  These pouches helps keep the kali mirch fresh, till the black pepper is moved into a spice container and stored in cool, dry place for a longer shelf life. 


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