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Corporate Gift Hampers

Show Them You Care!

The past 2 years have been tough on all of us.  It has also made us realise the importance of wellness and immunity in our lives.  At Vedic Flavors, we understand this and offer highly personalised wellness oriented and immunity boosting corporate gift hampers.  Our corporate gift hampers can be customised to suit the receiver and the occasion. 


We work with Conference Managers, Medical Associations and Corporate Houses and offer them customised conference gifts.  The conference gifts can be customised according to the theme and the logo of the conference.


We have listed out few of our popular corporate gift hampers here, but we are open to new gift ideas and other personalised gift suggestions.  Please do write to us about your personalised corporate gift hamper requirements

 at: and we are more than happy to work on these unique gift ideas. 


Make it special with Vedic Flavors Corporate Gift Hampers and show them that you mean it, when you say - 'Take Care'

Spice Gift Box

This corporate gift hamper contains, Tellichery Black Pepper, 8mm big Cardamom and the finest Cloves from Kerala. These spices are hand packed in airtight tin cans or in glass bottles and then packed in a rigid paper box.

Spice Gift Box is a gift which can connect with anybody who loves good food and we can deliver them anywhere across India.  


Let these finest spices from Kerala inspire them to be creative in their cooking.  


Minimum Order Quantity:  10 Nos 

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Masala Tea Gift Hamper

This corporate gift hamper contains refreshing Masala Tea powder made with the finest spices and tea powder from Kerala and Pure Honey from rubber plantations in Trivandrum, Kerala.  


The Tea Gift Hamper contains tea powder and pure honey, packed in top quality food grade glass bottles and further packed in rigid paper boxes.  


Minimum Order Quantity:  10 Nos 

Cardamom Tea Gift Hamper

Cardamom or Elaichi is called the 'Queen Of Spices' and is exported worldwide from Kerala.  


This corporate gift hamper contains, cardamom tea made with the finest 8mm cardamom and tea powder from Munnar, Kerala.  Our extremely popular, pure honey from rubber plantations in Trivandrum, Kerala is also included.  Packed in rigid paper boxes, we can deliver these Cardamom Tea Gift Hampers across India to your loved ones.  

This refreshing tea gift hamper will always remind your loved ones of your care and they might keep asking for more of this.  


Minimum Order Quantity:  10 Nos

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Wellness Hamper

Wellness goes beyond the confines of general health and it encompasses our mind, body and soul.  Wellness is also a series of positive choices that we make each day, which help us explore our lives to the fullest.   


Our Wellness Hamper consists of Moringa Powder, Turmeric Ashwagandha Latte and our Pure Honey, packed in glass bottles and further packed in rigid paper boxes.  


This  Corporate Wellness Hamper will bring about a great change in the life of the recipient and help them live a stress and disease free life.  


Minimum Order Quantity:  10 Nos

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