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Though the western world has discovered cold pressed coconut oil recently, 
it has been part of the Indian lifestyle for ages.  


During my growing up days, Kerala was the land of happiness for us. Me and my siblings are born and brought up in Bombay 
and travelling to Kerala for our vacations, meant absolute joy for all 3 of us.  For the next 1 month, we had no classes, all the 
freedom and a lot of pampering from our grandparents on both sides. 
While travelling by train to Kerala, we used jostle for space near the window seat, to see the first glimpse of the swaying 
coconut trees, which was the first sign that we have entered Kerala!
Soon I learnt that the coconut tree is called the ‘Tree of Life’ because all the parts of the entire tree, can be used in some 
form or the other to sustain human life.  Since then I have been always fascinated with the coconut tree.  Being a Malayalee 
our home always had a bottle of coconut oil, which was used to make special traditional dishes and I loved the taste and aroma of it. 
When we started Vedic Flavors and decided to promote natural wellness products, cold pressed coconut oil was one of 
the first products that we wanted to be part of our product list.  Once the list was out, many of my friends had this query:  
What is Cold Pressed Coconut Oil?

Sun dried coconut kernels

What is Cold Pressed Coconut Oil?

Cold pressed coconut oil is the process of extracting oil from coconuts without the use of heat. 


Let me explain the process of oil extraction for Vedic Flavors Cold Pressed Coconut Oil:


The fresh coconuts are cut, sun dried before the extraction of oil. This form of dried coconut meat or kernels are popularly 
known as 'copra'. The oil is extracted using a chakku, or kolhu, which is a traditional oil extraction machinery.


Over the years, this machine has not changed much in its look or design, except that it is motor operated nowadays.  The dried coconut is put into the chakku and crushed at a very slow pace. The copra turns into a dry powder with this crushing. This is a 
very time consuming and slow process.


This crushed copra is further finely powdered at high pressure in the chekku, to extract the coconut oil.  The oil then trickles 
down slowly and is collected in a container. After this is, the oil is filtered by using a normal sieve to remove the coconut 
meat debris. 


Normally this oil is left standing for 3 days, when it is moved from one vessel to the other, each day.  The oil still contains 
coconut debris and this debris settles at the bottom of each vessel. 

After this sediment is removed, this pure cold pressed coconut oil is bottled and packed for our customers. In one single batch 
of crushing, around 25kgs of copra can be crushed and it takes more than an hour for this slow extraction process.


After oil extraction, the de-fatted coconut cake, which remains in the chekku or the centrifugal machine is used as livestock feed.  Traditionally, this coconut cake is used as bath scrub by people with dry skin.  Though the numbers are less now, few people still swear by the efficacy of this traditional bath scrub.


You can take a look at this video for a better understanding of the extraction process of Vedic Flavors Cold Pressed Coconut Oil.


Cold Pressed Coconut Oil Benefits

No nutrients lost:  Refined coconut oil is extracted by subjecting the dried coconuts to extremely high heat and also certain chemical treatments, to improve shelf life. 


But, in the cold pressing process, very limited heat is generated by crushing the copras and therefore, none of the nutrients are lost.  Further, there are no chemical process or refining done to this oil.  This ensures that the cold pressed coconut oil pure, fresh and nutrient rich.


Good Cholesterol:  Coconut oil contains Medium Chained Fatty Acids (MCFA) which helps increase the good HDL cholesterol in our body, as it helps remove build up from blood vessels.  Cold pressed coconut oil has a fabulous natural aroma and can be used for cooking or your Keto diet. 


Skin Care:  Cold pressed coconut oil is a natural moisturiser and helps you manage with dry and hard skin conditions.  This pure coconut oil can also help you remove makeup and should be part of your skin care routine. 


 Vedic Flavors Cold Pressed Coconut Oil is fresh, pure and without any chemicals, colours or additives.  You will love the fresh fragrance of this pure cold pressed coconut oil.


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