Vedic Flavors Spice Packaging & Honey Packing 

25.07.21 02:47 PM Comment(s) By Vedic Flavors

Spice Packaging 

We believe that quality of the spice packaging is equally important to the quality of spices.  Hence at Vedic Flavors, we have taken a lot of effort in identifying and working with vendors, who can offer us quality spice packaging.  

cardamom being packed in silver foils

Vedic Flavors prides on the fact that we offer the finest spices from Kerala.  We further ensure this, by having a great spice packaging.

Step 1:  

We first pack the Kerala spices into silver foils.  These are food grade silver foils and then once the pure spices are put into the silver foils, we heat seal the silver foil and close it.  

spices packed in silver foils put into Kraft paper pouches

Step 2:

After this, the silver foil packet is placed inside top quality Kraft paper pouches with zip lock.  These Kraft paper pouches have again have a silver foil lining inside, which ensures that it is a great spice packaging.  These Kraft paper pouches are food grade pouches and ensures that our spices from Kerala remain fresh.  

Finally the Kraft paper pouch is again heat sealed at the top.  When it reaches our customers, they just have to cut open, just below the heat sealed portion and use the spice.  Even if they do not change it into containers, the ziplock on the Kraft paper pouch, will ensure that the spices remain fresh and aromatic.  

Honey Packing

vedic flavors pure honey and vedic flavors cold pressed coconut oil in glass bottles

Vedic Flavors Pure Honey and Vedic Flavors Cold Press Coconut Oil are two products that we promote in glass bottles. These are packed in beautiful glass bottles and we avoid plastic bottles. The process of honey packings is very simple, but very effective and till date, we have not received even one complaint with regards to our honey packing or any spice packaging.

01. We first pack the pure honey in glass bottles 

02. We then close the mouth of the bottle with a wad and heat seal the bottle, this will ensure that there is not spillage during shipping. 

03. We then shrink wrap the bottle cap so that the cap also does not accidentally open up during transit. 

04. Then the pure honey bottle is bubble wrapped 

05. This bubble wrapped bottle is then placed into fitting carton boxes 

06. FRAGILE tape is run all over the box and it is ready for shipping. 

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