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Are You Trying To Lose Weight? 
Moringa Weight Loss Program Might Help!

Over the years, all of us have tried many quick fix remedies to lose weight, specially weight 

around the belly area, but failed. We can now confidently tell you that there is a definite 

solution for weight loss which works – ‘Moringa leaves for weight loss’.


Girl lost belly fat

Moringa Oleifera or drumstick powder is a plant based nutritional supplement which will 

help you reduce weight.  Moringa has been part of Ayurveda since ages and Moringa powder is 

made from the dried leaves of the highly nutritious Moringa tree. 


Modern medicine calls Moringa as the MIRACLE TREE, as it is stuffed with nutrients, 

minerals, vitamins and about 9 essential amino acids.  We had earlier written about the 

Moringa health benefits and you can read it here. 


As per research about 100 grams of Moringa contains 34 grams of fiber. When we 

start using Moringa leaves for weight loss, we take in more fiber.  This fiber help suppress 

our appetite and reduces our hunger pangs.  We feel full and we eat less than we normally eat. 


Further to this, Moringa is a great energy booster, as it contains protein and iron in 

good quantities.  Therefore, even though we have eaten less than we normally eat, 

we are very active and go on with our work without feeling hungry or depressed.

One of our Co-Founders, Lakshmi Kurup, tried the Moringa weight loss program for 

a month and she is absolutely delighted with the result.  She had Moringa powder 

mixed with buttermilk daily and she actually lost considerable amount of weight within 

a month.  She lost weight around her tummy too and finally got into those old outfits 

that she had outgrown and wanted to wear again.

So now that you know that Moringa weight loss program works, go ahead try it out.  Though Lakshmi had it 

with butter milk, you can try out quite a few Moringa recipes and find the one that works well for you.  

And if you are lucky to have a Moringa tree in your backyard, use the Moringa leaves for weight loss. 

Vedic Flavors Moringa Powder with Moringa Leaves

Moringa powder being a plant based natural supplement, it may do no harm to you, but please consult your Doctor before starting it.  Start including Moringa powder into your diet in small quantities (below a teaspoon) and then once you like the taste and your body accepts the drumstick leaves powder, start increasing the quantity of Moringa intake.  But always remember to consume it in moderation.


Also, you can be creative and try various Moringa powder recipes and find the one that fits your taste and routine. 


Also don’t forget to share this with your friends, if you like it. 


Vedic Flavors Moringa powder is sourced from trusted producers, hand packed in our Kochi office.  Thus we ensure that it is pure, fresh and without any chemicals.

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