MORINGA HEALTH BENEFITS:  Moringa Is Loaded With Nutrients. Include Moringa In Your Diet. 

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Moringa is a rage across the world now and most of us must have heard about it, especially people who are keen to lead an active and healthy life. 

What is Moringa?

Moringa is also called the drumstick tree or Sahjan or Murungai across India.


Native to India, Moringa powder has been part of the Indian diet for ages. Moringa leaves are being used for centuries for its amazing health benefits.  Earlier we used to have the Moringa trees in our backyard, but nowadays we rarely find them. Modern science calls it the MIRACLE TREE, as all the parts of the Moringa tree are healthy and edible.


Moringa contains all the nutritional elements that our body requires, like protein, calcium about 8 essential amino acids, iron, vitamin C and A and much more. 


Vedic Flavors Moringa Powder contains fresh Moringa leaves, which are shade dried and then powdered under hygienic conditions.  This pure Moringa powder is then hand packed to ensure that it is pure and without any colours, chemicals or preservatives.


Moringa Health Benefits

Moringa is a SUPERFOOD and let us take a look at the top 7 benefits.

01.  Reduces Tiredness & Fatigue:

Many people feel tired and fatigued these days and this is because of bad nutrition.  Moringa is rich in Iron and vitamin A.  Moringa leaf powder has 28 mg of iron.  In fact Moringa powder contains more iron than spinach and beef!  This must be shocking for hard core non veg lovers!


Iron is essential for the reduction of tiredness and vitamin A supports the metabolism of iron, ensuring better absorption of iron.  Adding Moringa powder to your daily diet is an effective and natural way to prevent tiredness and fatigue. 

02.  Rich With Nutrients:  

The leaves of Moringa Oleifera (the scientific name of Moringa Powder) are rich in minerals like calcium, potassium, zinc, magnesium, iron and copper.  Vitamins like beta-carotene of vitamin A, vitamin B such as folic acid, pyridoxine.  Vitamin C, D and E are also present in Moringa Oleifera. 


Moringa has lot of minerals that are essential for growth and development including more than 4000 mg of calcium, which is important for human growth. 


This image will help you understand how Moringa compares with the other food products.  Moringa is bursting with nutrition compared with all of them.  

03.  Improves Gut Health

Our health is connected to our gut and all diseases begins in the gut.  If we have a strong intestinal tract, it literally guarantees a strong and healthy immune system. 


The antibiotic and antibacterial properties of Moringa improves our gut health and helps fight off viruses, bacteria and other harmful pathogens the body might come up against.  The high vitamin B content in Moringa also helps with digestion and reduces stomach disorders.   

04.  Boosts Immunity

Moringa is rich in iron, vitamin A and vitamin C, the most important nutrients, which helps boost our immunity.  Besides this Moringa is high in antioxidant content, which helps improve our immune system and keeps us safe from infections. Immunity boosting has to be made a priority by all in these difficult times.  

05.  Nourishes Our Skin & Hair 

Our skins are made of collagen and Moringa contains vitamin A, which helps build collagen.  Moringa powder also contains protein which is helpful in protecting our skin cells from damage.  Due to its anti-bacterial properties, Moringa powder may also prevent dandruff and flaky scalp. 

Moringa powder sprinkled on veg salad.

06.  Helps Manage Diabetes

Diabetes is a modern-day killer lifestyle disease.  Moringa contains insulin like proteins which may help lower blood sugar, control blood glucose levels and can reduce the risk of diabetes.   Regular intake of Moringa may help regulate diabetes.  

07.  Can Lower Cholesterol


Moringa protects our heart and improves our cardiovascular system by lowering the cholesterol levels.  The bad cholesterol are the ones which can block our blood vessels and cause heart attack. Consuming pure Moringa might therefore reduce the chances of heart attack. 



It is important that we include this miraculous natural supplement- Moringa powder in our daily lives.  Moringa powder has a very leafy taste and might take a little time to get used to.  Start slow, have a teaspoon daily with water or curd or even honey.  Try many options and stick to the one that you love.  Moringa is very versatile and can be used in a variety of ways.  

We at Vedic Flavors source the finest Moringa powder from trusted producers.  Live Healthy. 

Try Vedic Flavors Moringa Powder.

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