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Why Am I Always Tired And Have No Energy?

These days we hear this quite often – Why am always tired and have no energy?  Many of us are feeling sleepy all the time, despite having slept for more than 8 hours.  And this is not limited to any age group or gender, we can find this across all categories of people. 


There could be many reasons for this feeling – I am tired!  One of the best ways to overcome this tiredness, is to meet your family Doctor, who will diagnose and if needed, give you the required medication to manage this tiredness. 

A tired woman sleeping on a couch

Reasons For Tiredness

Out of the many reasons that could trigger this tiredness, we would like to focus on few reasons, which can be easily self-managed by each of us. 


Are you eating enough?:  

With the stress around us in these tough times, many among us are not focusing on what we eat, when we are hungry. The reason could be that the body does not get the much needed calories to keep our energy levels up.  Also few of us get up late in the mornings, skip breakfast and then have a huge lunch and feel the same ‘tiredness’, post lunch. 


Lack Of Vitamins In Food:  

Nowadays, with our homes and offices rolled into the same space, we are running between our laptops and our kitchens.  This does not give us the required focus to ensure that the food, we and our family members consume are nutritious and healthy.  This could be another reason for the tiredness. 


Sedentary Lifestyle:  

Another byproduct of the present situation is the lack of exercise and movement.  Earlier we would have gone to our gyms or for our walks around the neighbourhood.  But in the present situation, we are locked inside our homes and are forced to live a sedentary lifestyle. 


Lack Of Sleep:  

The daily schedule also has changed with many of us spending more time on our mobile phone, binge watching late into the night and hence, we do not get ample sleep to recharge our bodies. 

Changes To Improve Energy Levels

Idlis with chutney and sambhar for breaktfast

Have All 3 Meals &  Do Not Skip Breakfast:  

Try to consciously improve your diet, by not skipping any meals, including more greens in your food and not over depending on comfort foods.  Try keeping a fixed schedule for all your meals and stick to those time schedules.  Being consistent in this, will definitely help change your energy levels. 

Moringa powder in a bowl with moringa leaves

Add Moringa To Your Diet:  

Moringa is a Superfood and is called a MIRACLE TREE by modern science.  The world has now woken up to our drumstick tree and the miraculous health benefits of Moringa.


Moringa is packed with vitamin C, calcium, potassium and 9 essential amino acids.  Moringa contains flavonoids like quercetin and some other chemicals which have a balancing effect on our blood sugar. 


Research claims that Moringa leaves contains:

7 times more VITAMIN C than oranges,

10 times more VITAMIN A than carrots,

17 times more CALCIUM than milk,

15 times more POTASSIUM than bananas and

 25 times more IRON than spinach.


This plant based nutritional supplement is stuffed with rich amino acids, vitamins and minerals that it makes Moringa a great natural energy booster.  As Moringa is a rich source of iron and calcium, both these, help support energy yielding metabolism. 


Moringa is almost 25% protein with 9 essential amino acids and this makes it a complete source of natural protein which with helps with both, building the muscle and maintaining it. 


This means that a spoonful of Moringa powder will keep you active and energetic for the entire day. 


Though there are restrictions to our mobility, we still can try and exercise within the confines of our home.  There are various options available now and many of them very basic like taking push-ups and sit ups.  You can do Yoga or if you love to dance, just switch on some music and groove with it for about 45 minutes.  Any of this will change both your energy levels and your mood phenomenally. 

Girl sleeping soundly

Sleep For 8 Hours:  

We all are addicted to our mobile phones, but if we want to reverse this feeling of ‘I am tired’, then we need to change this extremely dangerous habit of watching the mobile phone late into the night.  It is better if you can discipline yourself, switch off the Wi-Fi or data on the mobile phone at a fixed time and lie down.  Its easier said, than done.  But once we get used to this and catch up the 7-8 hours of good sleep, you will feel much better and energised. 


Please try to bring in these slight modifications to your lifestyle and you will no longer be feeling sleepy all the time or have this feeling of ‘I am tired’.  You will be energised to handle the day and feel happy and positive. 


Stay energised.

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