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How To Check Purity Of Honey?

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Honey, the natural sweetener is one of the most essential ingredients in all Indian kitchens.  We Indians have been using honey, both for using it in our recipes and as part of our home treatments.  Honey is an integral part of many Indian traditional Ayurvedic formulations. 


But for all this, we need to get pure honey!


And what is pure honey?  Pure honey is the honey made by honeybees and collected from beehives, not the honey created in the factories, by adding sugar syrup, colour or preservatives to improve shelf life. 


As we are all aware, the most advertised brands of honey that we have trusted all these years, have been bottling sugar syrups and it was all over the news, a few months back. 


How To Check Purity Of Honey?

This is a common question in the minds of all consumers, on how to check purity of honey?  There are many commonly used techniques to check purity of honey.  We have listed 3 simple tests that might help us understanding the purity of honey:


01. Water Test:  Add a small teaspoon of honey into a glass full of plain water.  Pure honey will settle at the bottom, as the density of pure honey is more than the water.  Adulterated honey, on the other hand will dissolve in the water very soon.


02.  Stickiness Test:  This is also another popular test done by people who love pure honey and in this they take honey in their palms or on their fingers and rub it.  If your hands or your fingers don’t feel the stickiness, it seems that the honey is pure, but if it is adulterated, your hands might feel sticky.


03.  Flame Test:  Another popular test by pure honey lovers is to light a matchstick dipped in honey.  If the honey is pure, the matchstick catches ignites quickly.  On the other hand if it is fake honey, it does not ignite easily.


Now that we are aware of how to check purity of honey, please try these home tricks on the honey in your kitchen shelf and check the results. 


Vedic Flavors Pure Honey

At Vedic Flavors, we have been very particular about the pure honey we promote and our pure honey is sourced from one of the most respected honey producers in Kerala.  Vedic Flavors Pure Honey is also lab tested and certified for its nutrition and quality. 

lab report of Vedic Flavors Pure Honey

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Vedic Flavors Pure Honey is multi-floral honey and absolutely tasty.  The taste of Vedic Flavors Pure Honey lingers in your mouth, longer than the normal sugar syrup branded honey that you consume.

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