Cardamom With Warm Water At Night

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Why Should You Have Cardamom With Warm Water At Night?

Kerala cardamom is one of the favourite spices across the world and it is rightly called, The Queen Of Spices.  It is used by all of us across India, either for making our curries or it is used in our sweet dishes.  Either way, it tastes fabulous.  Probably, most of us, might also have made nice cardamom tea or elaichi chai with Kerala cardamoms.  This cardamom tea can just lift up your spirits and give you a great energy boost.   

But have you ever tried cardamom with warm water at night?

Many of us are used to drinking water before going to bed.  Do you practice that?  In fact, you should develop the habit of drinking water before bed. 


Water is absolutely essential for our body, as our body continues to burn calories during sleep.  As you will be sleeping for about 7 hours or more, there is a possibility that you might get dehydrated, if you do not drink water at night.   


In Kerala, most of us do not drink plain water in our homes.  We boil water with jeera (cumin) or an Ayurvedic powder mixed with herbs, or add home grown Tulsi to it and have it. Besides giving the water a great taste, this boiled water is immensely healthy in many ways.

After having read about the benefits of cardamom with warm water, I replaced the jeera with cardamom and had cardamom with warm water at night. Besides being tasty, this cardamom with warm water, is a very healthy practice to follow. 

We hydrate ourselves well

We sometimes stay away from drinking normal water.  But, as the cardamom water is absolutely tasty, we tend to drink more water, thereby keeping our bodies hydrated at night. 

May help with digestive problems

It is claimed that cardamom with warm water at night helps in relieving stomach issues, nausea and vomiting.  It is also claimed that regular consumption of cardamom with warm water helps in reducing belly fat.

May improve heart health

The antioxidant qualities of the cardamom could help improve the functions of the heart.  Drinking cardamom with warm water at night, might significantly lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels. 

Improves oral health

For people with bad breath, cardamom could be a life saver.  Cardamom with warm water may help fight bacteria in the mouth, which is a common cause for bad breath and gum disease.  In many communities, people chew on a cardamom after their meals, as it helps remove the bacteria in the mouth and leaves our mouths fresh. 

Detoxifies our body

It is claimed that cardamom helps improve the functioning of the liver and this helps improve the functioning of the liver in removing toxins in the body.  Cardamom may also lower blood pressure, due to its diuretic effect, as it promotes urination to remove water that builds up in our body.   


So now that you are aware of the benefits of having cardamom with warm water at night, just try it once, you might love it!


The world’s best cardamom comes from Idukki in Kerala and we at Vedic Flavors, source our cardamom directly from farmers in Idukki and package them in our warehouse in Kochi.  This ensures that the cardamom is pure, fresh and without any chemicals. 


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