Vedic Flavors Spice Packaging & Honey Packing 

We believe that quality of the spice packaging is equally important to the quality of spices.  Hence at Vedic Flavors, we have taken a lot of effort in identifying and working with vendors, who can offer us quality spice packaging.  

Vedic Flavors prides on the fact that we offer the f...

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So how to check purity of honey? This is a common question in the minds of all consumers, on how to check purity of honey? There are 3 simple tests that we can conduct at home, to check the purity of honey. Go through this article, which will help you identify pure honey.
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Cardamom With Warm Water At Night
Drinking water at night, helps keep our bodies hydrated. Though most of us know this, we are reluctant to drink water. Try having cardamom with warm water, it is tasty and with loads of benefits.
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In this article we explain and showcase the extraction process of Vedic Flavors Cold Pressed Coconut Oil
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Turmeric contains the flavanoid called Curcumin, which makes the turmeric the 'Spice Of Life'. Vedic Flavors Turmeric Powder contains a phenomenal 5.48% of curcumin. Try it!
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Many of us are tired these days. One spoon of moringa powder can keep you active and energetic for the entire day. Include moringa in your diet.
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One of our Co-Founders, Lakshmi Kurup, tried the Moringa weight loss program for a month and she is absolutely delighted with the result. She had Moringa powder mixed with buttermilk daily and she actually lost considerable amount of weight within a month
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MORINGA HEALTH BENEFITS:  Moringa Is Loaded With Nutrients. Include Moringa In Your Diet. 

Moringa is a rage across the world now and most of us must have heard about it, especially people who are keen to lead an active and healthy life. 

Moringa is also called the drumstick tree or Sahjan or Murungai across India.


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Turmeric Milk Is An Immunity Booster
Turmeric Milk or Haldi Ka Doodh is an age old Indian home remedy, which is an immunity booster and keeps cough and cold away. If we add cinnamon, honey and ginger to it, the turmeric milk is absolutely tasty, besides being very healthy.
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